Dear Parents and Guardians, 
In the column to the right you will find the legal policies and state requirements for our center. Please review each section as you will sign off that you have reviewed and agree to them on your registration form. Also, below you will find the admission requirements and registration proceedures as well as a printable registration form and for those that require it, a link the the Universal Health Form.  


A. A child must be between the ages of 2 and 13 years, be medically fit and immunizations must be UP-TO-DATE.

B.  Parents must complete, sign and return the following forms:

1. Application for Enrollment (both pages)
2.Universal Child Health Record with Immunization Record (click on the link to download)- For Preschool, Nursery School, and SMACA Program children only

C.Registration will ONLY take place when the first form listed above has been completed AND the $100.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Registration Fee (for EACH child) has been paid.

D.NO child will be permitted to school if Registration, as listed above in “C”, has not taken place, the first month’s tuition has not been paid, AND one month’s security deposit equal to one full month’s tuition has not been paid.

For All Preschool registrants, the Universal Child Health Record and Immunizations should be remitted annually, BEFORE your child starts attending the center. In the event that this form has not been remitted prior to starting, it MUST be remitted within 2 weeks after your child has started. A child will not be permitted to continue to attend the center if this form has not been received by that time, even if all other requirements listed above have been met. The physician’s portion of this form MUST be completed by a physician’s office, ONLY, and NOT filled out by parents. Your physician must attach a copy of immunizations to this form
Registration-Information and Policies