Tuition Policy
1.TUITION is due on or BEFORE the first of the month.  If the first falls on a weekend, payment is still due before the first. If the school is closed and you are unable to bring the tuition payment into school, payment should be mailed to 152 Kinnelon Rd., Kinnelon, NJ 07405, so it will be received by the first of the month, or it may be dropped in the mailbox that is attached to the school near the office door to prevent being charged Late Fees. When school is in session, payments may be dropped into the Lock Box inside the office. Tuition has been calculated for the entire year based on the actual number of weeks (37) that the center’s programs are in session. The first month’s tuition will also include a security deposit equal to one full month’s tuition. Tuition invoices are generally distributed during the third week of the month.
2.CONTRACT RESPONSIBILITY:  The payment contract is legally binding. Withdrawal will require a one-month’s prior WRITTEN notice (by the 1st of the month and not during the month) received by the center’s administration to prevent being billed and responsible for monthly tuition payments. The security deposit will be applied to the June payment OR the last month of attendance after receipt of one-month’s WRITTEN notice as stipulated above. If a child is withdrawn, the child will NOT be permitted re-entrance for the rest of that school year unless space is available and a new security deposit and registration fee is received.
3.DISCOUNT:  There will be a discount for your second (or any additional) child. The second child will be considered to be the child with the least tuition.
     For Preschool Programs: 10% discount.
     For Before/After Care Programs: $4.00/hr. rate for 5 or more contracted weekly hours.
4.LATE PAYMENTS are subject to a $5.00 Late Fee after the 3rd day of the month.  If not paid by the 6th day of the month, there will be an ADDITIONAL $10.00 Late Fee charge. If the tuition has not been paid by the 15th of the month, the child will NOT be permitted to continue attending until the bill has been paid in full and parents are still responsible for payment of this bill including Late Fees and any lawyer fees that may incur. Tuition is still due on time even if you will be away on vacation or your child is absent from the center for any reason.

5.BOUNCED CHECKS CHARGE:  $35.00 per returned check.  Cash must be paid for the charge of the check and for the amount of the check.
There will be NO adjustments in tuition for holidays, vacations, absences, delayed openings, emergency closings, illnesses, etc.
Contracts set at the 2 year old prices will continue at this rate for the remainder of the school year despite the fact that the child has turned 3 during the course of the year.
Due to staffing, contracts may not be decreased without 30 days notice. Increasing will depend on space availability.  The amount of times a contract may be decreased or increased will be limited and stated in the contract agreement.
7.    “EXTRA HOURS” ON A CONTRACTED DAY:  $5.00  per  hour or ANY PART OF AN HOUR.
8.NON-CONTRACTED DAYS:  If your Wise Owl child needs occasional service on a day you are not contracted, it is considered an “Out of Contract Day”.  The school must be notified prior to the day of needed service to determine if space is available to accommodate your child. NO unannounced drop-offs except for inclement weather! Dropping off unannounced will result in termination of this service.   The charge for this service is $6.00 per hour (no second child discount). You will be billed for this time on your child’s invoice.
9.LATE PICK UP FEE:  After 7:00 PM there will be a $1.00 per minute charge.  Late pick-up payments will be charged to your tuition invoice.  In case of emergency or inevitable lateness, please call the school.  We may be able to arrange for alternative care.  If you have not picked up your child by 7:30 PM, we will call the emergency contacts listed on your registration form.  If we are unable to reach them and we have not been contacted by the parents, we may exercise our option to leave the child at the Local Police Station or to call DYFS for further instructions.
10.CONTRACTED HOURS: Contracted hours are “fixed”. Any time other than the hours stated in the contract are considered “extra” and will be charged as such. There are TWO EXCEPTIONS where “movement” will be permitted…
Exception #1…KINNELON SCHOOLS DELAYED OPENINGS…When Before-School Children board their morning bus 1 1/2 hours later than normal, (Ex. 10:30 instead of 9:00), and they arrive at Wise Owl 1 1/2 hours later than their contracted arrival time, they will not be charged for the 1 1/2 hour delayed time. 
Exception #2…KINNELON SCHOOLS EARLY DISMISSALS (UNPLANNED)… When After-School Children arrive at Wise Owl by school bus 2 hours earlier than normal, (Ex. 1:00 instead of 3:00), they will not be charged for this extra time if they are picked up 2 hours earlier than stated in their contract.

NOTE: FOR KINNELON SCHOOLS PLANNED EARLY DISMISSALS, we MUST ALSO have received written prior notice of this intention to do so via an EARLY DISMISSAL FORM. (This is important for staffing purposes.)